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As many of you are aware, TRS reduced the amount of our contribution from 9.4% to 9.0% because of the expiration of the Early Retirement Option (ERO) this summer.  This is a complicated story, and we realize that you may have many questions about it -

ERO has expired – What happens next

Our TRS contribution has decreased from 9.4% to 9.0%.  This raises two important issues for all of us.

First, TRS will be refunding the 0.4% to anyone who contributed to TRS over the past ten years.  We should all be receiving forms and more information from TRS in the very near future.  TRS has some information on this at their website at:  http://trs.illinois.gov/press/reform.htm#ero   
Second, this change in TRS raised the issue of what to do with our pay and salary schedule moving forward, given the change in our TRS contribution rates.  After discussions with the Unit 10 Administration and School Board, the CEA was able to secure - in effect - a roughly .4% raise to our individual net salaries, maintaining the overall salary (including TRS) that we negotiated with the Board in our past contract.  I'm happy to discuss this further with anyone who has questions, but, the short answer is:  We have a new salary schedule for this school year (Click here to view updated schedule).  Please look this over and find your proper lane and step - this is your new contractual pay amount.
As we have received our contracts from the District, the amount listed as our "gross pay" should match this amount on the schedule as well - you may want to check to be sure this is correct before returning your signed contracts to the District.

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