Fellow CEA Member,
We met as a full bargaining team last night with the School Board. After some discussion, it was mutually agreed by CEA and the Board that we would request the services of a mediator to attempt to help us bring closure to our ongoing negotiations process.  We will be contacting a mediation service promptly. At that point, a mediator will come and work with both sides to try to produce a settlement to our contract talks. 
The State of Illinois continues to delay implementing the new funding formula agreed to by the Legislature in August. Governor Rauner vetoed a recent bill to implement this funding of additional money to school districts; however, the Legislature overrode that veto last week. While this was good news, the Illinois State Board of Education maintains that there are still 23 technical items that must still be worked through before the new funds can actually be dispersed to local school districts.  We are hopeful that ISBE will finalize those figures soon. 
We are also hopeful that, with the help of a mediator, we can find a resolution to our contract on satisfactory terms quickly. 
We will of course let everyone know when a mediator is available and our next bargaining session is scheduled. 
Thanks as always for your patience and for all you do for the students of Unit 10. 
~Your CEA Bargaining Team

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