Another negotiations update: We made significant progress this morning on remaining language items - we have "tentatively agreed" (TA'd) on all outstanding language items with the Administration with only a few exceptions, all of which directly involve money. 

We have agreed to tentatively meet again with the Administration and School Board members on July 19th to begin discussions on compensation and all remaining issues - however, the failure of the State of Illinois to pass a budget (again) seriously impedes our ability to reach any kind of acceptable negotiated settlement with the Board. 

We are hopeful the State will resolve its budget impasse before our next meeting and we can secure a settlement with the Board before the 2017-18 school term begins. Please contact your State legislators and (especially) the Governor and demand that they solve our State's budget crisis immediately! 

We will of course keep you updated as the summer progresses. Thanks, and we hope everyone is enjoying their summer break!


Posted: June 26, 2017 @10:44 am
Thank you all for your hard work! Is there a site that I can go to to send an email or letter to the state reps? I googled, but I didn't find anything that helped. Thank you!
 - Krista

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